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VM1: 20th April. Manchester

Vocal Massage

In 2007 Christian developed the UK’s first Vocal Massage training workshop. This course was created in response to requests from therapists working in the entertainment industry looking to help their clients with breathing and vocal performance.
The protocols have been used on many leading performers, with rave reviews.

Using a range of musculo-skeletal and myofascial techniques, you will learn skills that will enable you to deliver a unique package of treatment that will not only help performers with numerous vocal challenges, but can also be used on anyone looking to progress with performance of any kind. (The breath and voice are key to most athletic performers)

In a bid to develop this course further Christian has this far taken 12 months worth of challenging weekly vocal training lessons. This exercise has taken his understanding to a much deeper understanding of how the voice does and doesn’t work. His story can provide you with experiential understanding to help you support most of the challenges a performer can go through.

Over the years this one day workshop has attracted therapists from as far as Asia, Australia, Japan and Canada and of course the UK’s best therapists.


Anatomy of the larynx and neck
Breathing dysfunctions and conditions and their treatment.
Vocal performance enhancement through releasing key points in the body.
A deeper understanding of the three voices we use, and the complications that arise from switching and or retraining from where our sound is produced.
Discussion and interventions surrounding emotional challenges that can challenge the physiological way the voice produces sound.

Come join us on this interesting and powerful day of learning understanding and treating. Some delegates have been astounded by attaining a deeper richer sound to their voice just from this one day.


Due to the nature of the area in which you will be working, excellent client handing skills are necessary.

This workshop is suitable for:  Level 4 Sports Massage Therapists; Physiotherapists; Osteopaths (we will accept 3rd year Osteopathy students); Sport & Remedial Massage Therapists


AHG 2 Day Myofascial Postural Realignment & ‘Hands-on’ qualification.