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Sports Injury Series: Rugby

Rugby demands the running and endurance of soccer combined with the contact and tackling that is similar to American football. With running there is the potential for overuse injuries like tendinitis and bursitis. More common, however are traumatic injuries sustained during collisions with other players and/or the ground during scrumming, rucking, and tackling.

On this workshop you will learn about the most common rugby injuries and pathologies and some of the best proven ways to deal with them.

Most common injuries and pathologies:




Sprained ankle – Ligament problems | ATFL – PTFL | CFL | Deltoid ligament

Knee injuries – Ligament problems | ACL-PCL | MCL – LCL | Meniscus tears

Hip injuries – Labrum problems | Hip ligaments

Shoulder injuries – Ligament problems | Rotator cuff injuries


Treatment Protocol:

Review of injury

Joint Assessment

Proprioception Assessment

Soft Tissue & Neuropathy Treatment

Specific to sport REHAB & Exercise Therapy

Kinesiology Taping