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Sports Injury Series: Cycling

People have been riding bicycles on regular basis since the 1800’s. Cycling is now known to be one of the best ways to maintain weight and boost a person’s overall health because it’s an intense cardio exercise that works out the entire body at once.

Some injuries are very hard to avoid but you can still protect yourself to minimise the damage. Many problems are linked to poor posture so preventing them is only a matter of making sure that your body is in the best position in relation to the bicycle. Other bicycle-related injuries are a little more complex.

On this workshop you will learn about the most common cycling injuries and pathologies and some of the best proven ways to deal with them.

Most common injuries and pathologies:

Cyclist’s Knee

Lateral Knee pain

Lower Back Pain

Achilles Tendinitis

Foot Numbness

Neck Pain

Treatment Protocol:

Review of Injury

Joint Assessment

Proprioception Assessment

Soft Tissue & Neuropathy Treatment

Specific to sport REHAB & Exercise Therapy

Kinesiology Taping