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L3 Soft Tissue Therapy & Sports Massage


The main aim of the ITEC Level 3 Certifcate in Sports Massage Therapy is to enable Learners to gain the necessary practical skills and knowledge to provide Sports Massage Therapy to the general public and to gain employment within the sport and fitness industry.

Entry Requirements

This is an entry level qualification, so no pre-requisites are required.


This qualification is for Learners who want to work in the sport and fitness industry as a Sports Massage Therapist either in a sports club, gym or health club setting and is comprised of 5 core units which are mandatory.

The main skills you will learn to perform are:

  • – Consultation methods – to include obtaining informed consent prior to assessments and application of the massage where necessary, carrying out accurate client assessments, obtaining information on the possible cautions and contraindications to massage before commencing any treatments, adapting the massage routine to meet the specific needs of the client
  • – Applying Sports Massage Treatments – to include preparing a safe and hygienic working environment, performing pre-event, Inter/intra-event and post-event massage techniques, maintenance, massage mediums, posture, methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment and giving aftercare advice You will also learn about client care and communication, health, safety and hygiene, relevant legislation and professional standards which are essential to work and be successful in the industry.

It also provides:

  • – the related knowledge and understanding required to perform the Sports Massage Therapy skills listed above effectively, in particular knowledge of anatomy and physiology for Sports Massage, understanding the principles of soft tissue dysfunction, professional practice in Sports Massage and the principles of health and fitness that may influence the treatment
  • – opportunities for Learners to focus on the development of their wider skills in a Sports Massage setting such as communicating with clients, working with others and problem solving
  • – opportunities for Learners to develop a range of skills, techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in employment as a Sports Massage Therapist.


This course consists of 9 days attendance plus home study, plus 50 hours of case studies.


Full Price (ITEC) – £995.00 (Interest free instalment payments available).

Pay in full in time of enrollment (ITEC)  – £895.00 (10% discount for full payment)

The course consists of an initial 2 days, with time for the candidate to practice, then further attendance of 5 weekdays or 2.5 weekends, and then finally a further two days for consolidation and assessment. This is in line with the requirements of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) to allow for membership of their organisation which is the lead association for Sports Massage Practitioners.

All dates are plus 2 additional consolidation and assessment days, taken upon completion of home study and case studies.