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FT2 – 8th June

FT3 – 16th August (London)

Fascial Taping

Kinesiology Taping is now widely used by most Sports Therapists, and whilst there are many different theories, training providers and tapes available, we have developed our Fascial Taping course from our own understanding of both how tape works, and how the fascial system affects the body, in particular the muscles.

Whilst this workshop will look at different types of tape, we find that each one will have its own uniqueness, so we will use a variety of manufacturers throughout the day.


how the Tape can affect posture, and be used in postural corrections

how to use Tape for pain relief

assisting with proprioception

increasing lymphatic flow

deactivate trigger points

increase ROM

pelvic balancing

plantar fasciitis

golfers and tennis elbow

achilles tendinitis and further pathologies