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Active MOTUS

The Active MOTUS™ workshop is aimed at looking at the body in a way that it was designed for. On this workshop you will cover exercises and strategies aimed at improving the spacial awareness, movement capabilities and joint stability of our mechanism. You will be able to use what you learn in any sport or lifestyle in order to achieve IMPROVEMENT.

Our bodies have been designed with a single purpose – MOTUS. We move on a daily basis of course, but our movement gets more limited with the advancement of technology. We have got to a point where simple movements, such as kneeling down, or reaching over our head seem like difficult tasks.

Personal Trainers: You will be able to integrate the exercises and strategies into your clients’ training programmes, keep them injury free and achieve better and quicker results.

Sports Therapists: Using the concepts of this workshop will give you an additional toolbox when it comes to prescribing exercise to your clients. You will be able to also use these concepts in your treatments and keep your clients healthy for longer.

This workshop is led by people who are experienced in both the Personal Training and Sports Therapy industry. You will learn about the two points of view and the way the knowledge from the two industries can merge into something better.

Main Themes

ROM assessment: Checking someones movement patterns can provide an amazing amount of information about their current condition. We will be testing the various joint range of movements and use that as a guide in our treatments.

Proprioception: The missing link that a lot of health professional neglect. This is the cause of many injuries and it does not only relate to professions athletes.

Mobility: The ability of our bodies to move is enormous. If we don’t use it, then our organism will die. A lack of mobility also causes instability.

Stability: And a lack of stability will cause lack of mobility, due to the body’s natural way of protecting us from injuries.


Teach ROM assessments of the main joints in the body

Teach Proprioception assessments and treatments for the major joints in the body

Teach strategies for improving mobility using exercises with resistance bands, bodyweight, various gym or clinical equipment, without the need of fancy machines or equipment.

Teach strategies for improving stability using exercises with resistance bands, bodyweight, various gym or clinical equipment, without the need of fancy machines or equipment.

Teach how to increase ROM for major movements, such as sitting down, hip hinge, overhead reach, pelvic tilts.


Understanding and testing the ROM ability of various joints in the body

Understanding and testing proprioception and spacial awareness

Discover problems and tackle using mobility and stability strategies

This workshop is broken down into Lower Limb and Upper Limb. Attend either or both days!